Saturday, March 2, 2019

Not Lost on Lefty Liberals

Newspapers dispense fakery ("fake news!") and media is an enemy of the people.


The Globe and Mail, Canada's star paper, broke the news of the SNC-Lavalin affair. Justin Trudeau, Canada's prime minister, is embroiled in a scandal that some think will cost him and the Liberals the election in October. It's hard to say right now since that date is a full seven months away. (Important note: Nothing has been proven at this point.)

Back to the real story: "Media", a "leftist" newspaper -- which the Globe clearly is not -- broke the story that many on the right are eating up.

But, isn't it "fake news"?....

To give some of my readers some perspective on the newspaper makeup here in Toronto, Canada, here is how our papers stack up:

Globe and Mail (the tops)
Toronto Star (top stuff)
National Post (editorially a bit of a joke, but with a few good columnists)
Toronto Sun (a total joke, bottom of the barrel, and shedding for the printers' scrapheap.)


Jon said...

Yeah, the comments on at least one Globe story have devolved into arguments over the lack of "this is fake news" comments on a negative-to-the-Liberals story.

I maintain that the three most dangerous words on the Internet are "I knew it".

Simon St. Laurent said...

You are correct. Sometimes multiple exlamation marks are present for added emphasis.