Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Mathematics of Doug Ford & Co

Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his Conservatives want to implement mandatory annual math testing for all of the province's elementary and high school teachers. Understandably, there's a social media reaction of some numbers to the equation.

To me, this initiative does not add up. Ford and his caucus, many of whom seem to lack basic skills in a few departments, don't come across as possessing any math ability outside of "Fifteen Billion!".

Here's a simple problem set for Mr Ford and his minions:

0 + 9 =

To make the test easier for them I'll make it a multiple-choice question. Pick just one answer....

a) 9
b) 0
c) 3,742.36
d) all of the above


Adele Menegon said...

I would like to see one of these "math whizzes" try teaching the large classes they are trying to foist on to today's teachers. I taught classes of 35 and 40 back in the 60's and it was no picnic then. It is much worse now. At least we had the support of our principals and parents then and there were fewer distractions for the students.
I am sorry I am unable to join the march on Queen's Park coming up on the weekend - I am disabled and too old now but I will be there in spirit. Down with Trump - sorry, Down with Ford! It's hard to tell the difference!

Simon St. Laurent said...

Thanks for the informative comment.

Trump and Ford have made acceptable a culture of ignorance.