Wednesday, November 13, 2019

'Politically Active', Eh?

With a little too much time on my hands (and too much to do), I've posted a few bits to my Twitter account ( on a political theme. Call it "Cherry and Scheer".

After this, I will get back to the creative stuff here on this blog. Most of the following are responses:

Some folk deny that Don Cherry singled out New Canadians in his rant the other night. The Cherry Incident convinces me there is a legitimate new term: A lack of "hearing comprehension".

What the dickens did [Tucker] Carlson just say? lol

Mr Trudeau has class and is a gentleman; Scheer's a flub.

You are right. While Scheer may be good at riling up his base, even after a devastating loss at the polls, as the late Douglas Adams might have put it: "But he can't actually win an election. That's not good."

Mr Scheer is right in stating there is a need to find common ground, but he may not realize that he too must find common ground. That's how *it* works, believe it or not....

I did not know that the PM was running scared. However, he may be enjoying a laugh at a certain Conservative's expense.

My dad flew on Lancs with RAF Bomber Command. He did not like conservatives. ("___ ____ sheep!")

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