Sunday, November 24, 2019

Set Design Concepts for Mr. Science

Last month I wrote a brief piece about a television series pilot/demo show that I produced a few years ago. Mr Science did not have any takers but the process of writing, designing, and producing the one-off was one of those endeavours that I found satisfying on a creative level. There were problems (always), some bumps, but I learned a lot.

The main, and only, standing set was that of a science laboratory. Here is an early concept I sketched:

And here is a floor plan view of that concept:

Eventually, but rather quickly, I finalized my set design. Here is a thumbnail sketch of the floor plan and elevations:

In case the show were to sell, or if I wanted to make the set in a larger scale, I worked out some concepts for something a little more elaborate than what I conceived for the simple pilot show:

Here is a more elaborate version of the design I settled on in that it has a ceiling:

Soon I will post a photograph of the completed set.


The above piece first appeared on February 16, 2017, as 'Set Design: Concepts for "Mr. Science"'.

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