Thursday, July 8, 2021

But This Was Important!

This morning on BBC Radio 2 there is some discussion, and sound bites, about last evening's (UK time) victory by England over Denmark in European Cup football action. Apparently there was some real drama. The club sporting three lions will meet Italy for the final match.

There are 'streeters' as I write this. People on the street explain that, while they wouldn't normally watch a football match, because of this great victory they admit they are suddenly fans. Good for them!

This reminded me of the 2010 Winter Olympics where Canada and the USA fought for the gold medal in men's ice hockey.

On that dramatic February day in question, an old friend of mine watched the metallic match on ice. I watched it, which makes sense as I love ice hockey, especially international ice hockey... but my "all sports are the same, boring!" friend? By the way, he went to high school in Florida as his family lived there for some time.

I asked him why he would plop himself in front of the tube to watch an ice hockey game:

"But this was important!"

Postscript: At this very moment, my BBC Radio 2 programme is running an audio montage of pub-goer reaction around England after yesterday's final whistle. "Football is a religion!"

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