Thursday, July 22, 2021

Foghorn Leghorn on Donald Trump

Yesterday I thought about Foghorn Leghorn and what he might have had to say about, or to, Donald Trump. I looked-up some quotes attributed to the big feather duster. It's quite possible that, off camera, Foghorn was a conservative; but, no doubt, he was a smart one.

These are priceless:

* “He’s so dumb he thinks a Mexican border pays rent.”
* “That boy’s about as sharp as a bowling ball.”
* “This boy’s more mixed up than a feather in a whirlwind.”
* “What’s it all about, boy? Elucidate!”
* “Go! I say go away, boy, you bother me!”


DonaldAR said...

My dear departed Dad always chuckled at Foghorn Leghorn's quips. “Go! I say go away, boy, you bother me!” is one of my favourite notifications / text alerts. I assign it to all those who tell me: "Your mobile phone sounds are annoying"

Simon St. Laurent said...

My dad too liked Foghorn.

Thanks for the note!