Sunday, August 8, 2021

Cat Get Mad Even (Repeat)

Here's something I should have posted during this year's International Cat Day:

A joke among cat lovers is you can't get mad at the little beasts, even when they do something that, if it were a human, would get you upset and angry. Kitty commits an indiscretion and we break into a giddy laugh.

"You can't get mad at them."

Willie could have pulled a hand phaser, one set at "Dematerialize", on me and I would not have gotten upset. He could have pulled the trigger, same answer. The red beam travelling past me and taking out the Qing vase, now glowing red and expanding and dissipating, leaving a scorch mark on the paper-lined shelf where it stood for centuries, not upsetting me the least.

That's the power cats have over some of us. They're just too cute to get mad at.

We laugh giddily.

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