Wednesday, December 15, 2021

300,000 Big Ones

One night last week my blog/website received its three hundred thousandth hit. This makes me happy. Any writer scribbles in the name of creativity and "keeping the pencil sharp" without thinking about any popularity contest, but, it's still nice to be read.

Special thanks to all the readers... and electronic scoopers: it's hard to believe that the following post has actually received over twenty-eight thousand discrete hits:

Dorothy "DC" Fontana (1939 - 2019)



Tibor said...

Congrats on #300,000!

Simon St. Laurent said...

Thank you!

Simon St. Laurent said...

Memo: "I'm a sellout!"

I've not posted long pieces in a while... longish, but not long.

Three longer bits I hope to polish and upload soon:

* Book Review: Script Doctor
* Book Review: Return to Tomorrow
* Book Review: The Rebel Christ

Ever since I read that the average attention span for readers of web articles is about thirteen seconds, I became concise, more often than not. (Read: too concise, too often. Perhaps)

"Man, it's too long!"