Friday, May 6, 2022

There's Been Subspace Chatter About It for Months: Here Come Some Strange New Worlds

I filed this Captain's Log on Monday, but forgot to input it into the memory bank:

Captain Pike and his Starship Enterprise and crew are about to come to a televiewer near you. The Trekkies are going subspace in their anticipation of the big day/evening. I checked out Twitter and realized then how excited they are. Comments like "six more sleeps!" makes me realize I'm out of the cosmic loop on such fandom. I absolutely loved the original show when I first caught it in stripped syndication: at five o'clock on weekday afternoons our Zenith colour television set was tuned to Toronto station CFTO.

Captain's Log, Friday, May the 6th:

When Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered in September of 1987, two friends of mine visited with the express purpose of joining me for this promising new Star Trek series. (That opening episode, "Encounter at Farpoint", was horrible.)

I caught most of the first season's episodes, but was underwhelmed. Year two I anticipated, hoping it would be better ― it was not. "The Next Gen" eventually improved and found its own place in the cosmos, but by that time I had abandoned NCC-1701D and its two-dimensional crew.

I adopted a routine for any new Trek show....

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
I watched the first two episodes (I have absolutely no memory of them)

Star Trek: Voyager
First two episodes (which I liked, actually)

First two episodes (which were terrible)

Star Trek: Discovery
First episode (which was incomprehensible to me)

Star Trek: Picard
Nothing (starring a fine actor, but a boring character)

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
Nothing yet.

So... for those of you who watched yesterday's grand premiere of yet another Trek show: What did you think?....

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