Friday, May 20, 2022

CD: Space: 1999 (Gray and Wadsworth)

Space: 1999
- Years 1 & 2 -

Barry Gray
Derek Wadsworth

Silva Screen Records

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Simon St. Laurent said...

In late 1976 I bought the RCA LP record, Space: 1999. While I was a little disappointed in the incompleteness of the album, and the seemingly interminable space-out between the cuts, it contained music from the series ― its first season, as that was "1999" at that point.

In early 2022, with a degree of nostalgia, I welcomed a Silva Screen Records CD set: Space: 1999 - Year 1 & 2

Barry Gray wrote material, very much in the Gray style, for Year One; Derek Wadsworth jazzed Year Two to great effect.

Both work in that they match, respectively, Space: 1999's seasonal timbres.

Year One: winter
Year Two: summer