Saturday, May 28, 2022

Answering Toronto Maple Leafs Play

Quite easy, really. As much as I love this city, I'm hardly a Leafs fan. But for years I've been saying: "Clean house!" (It's the only answer.)

Two weeks ago tonight "The Buds" were sent to the golf course after just one round of postseason play. My brother is quite the NHL/hockey guru. When I want to get the real story regarding that great sport, or that sad team, I turn to him. This fan of the joyously witty "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" books would liken, in name only, brother Jon to "Deep Thought", the infamously slow supercomputer. The answer I get, however, is always more than a simple and concise "forty-two". Unless, of course, "forty-two" could only be the right answer:

"How many years will pass before the Leafs win their next Stanley Cup?"


"Forty-two?!" (Emphasis, Leafs fans.)

My brother's answer after I asked the big question ― one hardly relevant to Life, the Universe, and Everything ― after this most recent Leafs' Big Fail:

"Clean house! Everybody in the front office. Everybody!" (Emphasis, my brother's.)

I did not disagree. (It is the only answer.)


Jon said...

I wonder -- if you sent this current TML team back in time to say 1976, would they win handily? If so, then why have other teams progressed to higher levels of conditioning, skills, tactics, etc while the Leafs have not?

Simon St. Laurent said...

Thanks for the comment!

Actually, the squad as it exists right now has a lot of talent. The roster is full of youthful ("young legs") players who have bright careers ahead of them... but they'll soon move to other teams, whose respective managements will allow them to shine ― and provide them with a reasonable chance of winning a Stanley Cup.

The problem is Leafs management. In all fairness, who would make the decision to start all over again? There is another big problem: the fans. They show up no matter what. (Any other club's faithful would administer their loved one some disciplinary action ― not show up.)

Funny you should say "1976". My favourite Leafs team, during my existence, was the 1977/78 Leafs. A good bunch... in spite of Ballard.