Thursday, March 3, 2016

Building a Starship Bridge Set in Pieces

Five years ago, this month, I started building a set -- the control bridge of the "Starship Jefferson" -- for a web series called Tights and Fights. I blogged about the show not long after I finished the job: here

The following sequence of photographs shows the rear control panel in development, and the completed bridge set in the studio.

First, a lighting test:

The panel is finished; awaiting the blinky-lights installation:

The set is in the studio, ready for filming; series art director Darren Pickering adds some bits:

Producer/writer Scott Albert makes an adjustment:

Major Faultline at his station:

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DonaldAR said...

I didn't notice a link for this web series in your post - is that perhaps an oversight, or do you not think favourably of this group? Granted; was fairly easy to find. Nice board!, btw.

Simon St. Laurent said...

Thanks for inserting the YouTube link. I posted an earlier piece and provided a link. I will do a new posting with the necessary information so it's front-and-center.

No, the producers were great. It was a good experience.

Thank you!

Simon St. Laurent said...

By the way, I tried to watch this series. It is horrible. The actors tried their best, but....