Monday, February 22, 2016

Three Slates from Hyper-Reality

Here are some slates from my in-progress short film, Hyper-Reality. These pictures are actually frame-grabs from a Betacam SP videotape. Originally, the 35mm film (Eastman Kodak emulsions 5245, 5247, and 5248) was processed and then transferred to tape, bypassing a more expensive positive film print. Unfortunately, especially in today's digital world, the analogue Betacam SP format does not provide for high quality grabs. (More to come, soon. And sans exciting slates!)

The first two pics are from scenes shot in "Corman's Bar", a set I designed in the tradition of a television series' "standing set"; in this case a hangout for Hyper-Reality's main characters. The bottom photo is from a scene shot in the Alien Lair. Someday I will supply a "TV Guide description" of the film's plot.

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