Monday, January 16, 2017

My VHS Purge: The Terminator

As part of a downsizing project eight years ago I purged most of my pre-recorded VHS tape collection. I've never been a big collector of movies -- my DVD library is fairly small -- but the fact is I had accumulated around 70 tapes: 

The Terminator (1984). It was the summer of 1985 when I got around to seeing this now classic science fiction film. A coworker told me that he and a friend had been doing their 'Arnie' impressions the day before. (Sounds like, "Give me your address there".) The Fox-Beaches rep cinema must have been listening; with a friend I trotted off to see a recommended flick.

I rewatched The Terminator recently and still think it's James Cameron's best film. (Avatar can disappear into The Fourth Dimension, for all I care.)

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Tibor said...

Man....this one is on tv all the time these days.