Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Cosmic Truth from a Master?

George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movie franchises, has been known to roll back or push down his own art form.

Although not known for granting in-depth interviews, certainly decades ago, in 1981 the millionaire filmmaker gave an exclusive question and answer session to Starlog magazine's founder, Kerry O'Quinn. Some interesting bits came from the mouth of the man who earned his fortune making big pictures. It was not the first time Lucas expressed this loaded opinion, it's just that he gave it this time around to a publication targeted at the fans of science fiction films and television:

"I don't want to upset your readers too much, but Star Wars is just a movie . . . The people who are saying 'it's nothing, it's just junk food for the mind' are reacting to the people saying 'this is the greatest thing since popcorn!' Both of them are wrong. It's just a movie. You watch it and you enjoy a sunset. You don't have to worry about the significance. You just say 'hey, that was great'."


DonaldAR said...

Word! Hey, that was great.

Tibor said...

God...I know someone in the 501st. These guys see it as a religion now.

Simon St. Laurent said...

I recently read a book titled "How Star Wars Conquered the Universe" and there was a chapter dedicated to 'the 501st'. To tell you the truth I found those pages a bit dull.