Sunday, September 3, 2017

Some Folks List Their Favourite Treks This Week

On August 29th I wrote a shout-out for fellow blogger John Kenneth Muir and his call to his interested readers to list and submit their top 20 favourite Star Trek episodes. This week he will post the contributions: The blog of John Kenneth Muir

Due to my schedule I failed to submit anything. Built into my excuse is the fact that I have seen very few episodes in the last couple of decades. Three months ago I bought the complete series Blu-ray set. (I've owned a few DVDs and VHS tapes over the years but I donated/sold those a while ago.)

Besides: I've seen the episodes 87.61 times each. And as my dad said to my siblings and I one day after popping open the rec room door (he was curious as to why the house was so quite): "Jesus Christ! How many times have you seen these goddamn things?!" (He laughed. No doubt he recognized one of the many character actors that guest starred in the series. Simulation: "Didn't I see Anthony Caruso in this before?")

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