Friday, January 26, 2018

Star Trek Lost in Space

Last evening I was reading some Netflix news. I had forgotten that a new series called Lost in Space is in post-production. May is the day: the premiere of a reboot of a bad old television series.

Those of us who grew up with the original Lost in Space can tell you it fit the bill when we were little viewers. Slightly older viewers we became and our opinions did change. What we thought was great when we were ten, or less, now looked positively old and crude; a 1960s television series looking as though it was produced in the 1950s: ray guns, a flying saucer, lots of blinking lights, and a vacuum-tube robot.

This we can take if the stories are good. (Good stories are the best part of any television series.) Unfortunately, scripting came from somewhere not of this Earth, rarely making any sense if any sense at all.

The reboot can only be an improvement on the original.

The joke may be that the new series will be better than the new Star Trek. It can only be better.

Star Trek is now lost in space.

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