Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Historical Dramatic Canadian Television

Last evening I watched two one-hour dramatic 'cop' shows from Canada's past -- one episode from each: Night Heat (1985 - 1989); Wojeck (1966 - 1968).

(I did not plan to watch two cop shows, but when the double feature ended I made the connection.)

Actually, Wojeck was not a police procedural show as such, but more 'coroner'. The titular coroner was played by one John Vernon, before he went Stateside to pursue a fairly lucrative career. He was outstanding as Steve Wojeck.

Night Heat was okay, at best. Scott Hylands and Jeff Wincott were fine but the scripting too often felt like manufactured entertainment built for the U.S. market. Toronto starred front and centre, but nothing was framed (no CN Tower) as to give the audience the impression that the series was produced anywhere but the States. Kanada Kitsch?

If it's a contest, the winner is Wojeck. The episode I watched last night first aired on September 13, 1966. "The Last Man in the World" is as potent today as it was 53 years ago. (Nothing's changed, eh?)

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