Thursday, July 30, 2020

Must Be

Summer, 1991.
Ontario Place, Toronto

I walked with a friend whom I'd known since high school. The grounds were flat, concrete based, a parking lot, and there were lots of people strolling in the beautifully warm sunshine.

We heard swearing of a kind commonly associated with foul-mouths. My friend and I stopped chatting and observed as a gaggle of teenagers approached. They were the origin of the profanity, which continued to roll-out in processional pomp as both parties closed the distance. The metal-head black t-shirts were cool and, unfairly perhaps, looked the uniform of the profane. More audible: "F__k (this), F__k (that); F__k!"

The swear squad passed to our right. I turned to my friend and said: "Must be a Yale man."

My buddy, all too well knowing my reference, laughed out loud. (He's a loud laugher.)

As I looked back to my path ahead I noticed a hand-holding, cute older couple who were looking back at me and smiling.

Note: Guns N' Roses was playing that day at the CNE Grandstand....not that that was an indicator of profanity in the park.


First posted as "Thurston Howell's Line for all Time (Profanity Alert)" on April 28, 2019.

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