Friday, July 17, 2020

Toronto Star Photographer Visits Desilu Stage 10

Reg Innell was a photographer who worked for the Toronto Star. His assignment in June of 1966 was to visit Desilu Studios stages 9 and 10 (now Paramount 31 and 32) and cover two Canadian actors who were starring in a new science fiction dramatic television series. We now know those actors: William Shatner and the late James Doohan. And the show: Star Trek.

After Innell's death last year his negatives were donated to the paper, and were rediscovered by Toronto Star video producer Kelsey Wilson.

As was the case with anybody who visited the Star Trek stages before the show had even aired, they had no idea what would become of the show in the years to come.

The episode in production when Mr Innell visited Desilu's Stage 10: "The Man Trap"


First posted as "Toronto Star Photos Taken on the Set of Star Trek" on January 12, 2019.

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