Sunday, March 7, 2021

Sunday Fun: The Flash (1990) Opening (Repeat)

Soon after arriving back in Canada after spending a few weeks in England, I heard chatter about a television series that had premiered while I was away: The Flash

Back then it was possible to have a series sneak up on you. Given that I left dramatic television programs in my past, not being up to speed just compounded the surprise for me. (My forward scanner needed a replacement vacuum tube.)

I tried a couple of episodes and was impressed with the show's scope. (The new Flash series looks exactly like what it is: a low budget television series, but with lots of CGI -- the CGI package deal so prevalent in TV today.)

The opening titles, complete with Danny Elfman's Batmanish theme music, are pretty propulsive. (At the time I felt the "starring" bits were a little goofy.)

I'm guessing The Flash has its fans, even though the series came and went in a flash -- just 22 episodes.

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