Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Maurice Devereaux Presents The Sawney Beane Saga

Maurice Devereaux, the talented Montreal-based filmmaker, is carrying his storytelling skills to the four-colour page. "Clan of the Devil - the Sawney Beane Saga", a graphic novel, is no minor effort to illustrate the dark tales of Alexander "Sawney" Beane, leader of a 16th century Scottish clan of cutthroats. According to legend, the merry band committed acts of murder and cannibalism over many years, their heinous spree stopped only when they were hunted down. And executed.

Terror and horror all-round.

The filmmaker of Blood Symbol, Lady of the Lake, Slashers, and End of the Line, flicks involving murder, mayhem, and myth, should be well-equipped to tell the saga of "the darkest chapter in Scotland's history".

The website:

The trailer:


DonaldAR said...

Ooch now! 'Tis no way t'be talkin''bout me Great-e20-Grandad!

Simon St. Laurent said...

Actually, I thought about you as I was wrapping up the above piece. Heritage, more than reputation.