Thursday, August 4, 2022

2-Day Course: Advanced Cinematography Workshop

Francois Aubry, a friend, peer, and former coworker (at Film Opticals of Canada), will be teaching an "Advanced Cinematography Workshop". With Ernie Kestler, CSC, Francois will get into the practical application of the latest lighting and imaging tools when shooting 'film'. Digital imaging technology is wonderful, especially to those of us who've shot miles of 16mm and 35mm film emulsion and experienced the costs involved in utilizing those so-called "analogue" technologies. Anyone can make a film now, but knowing and understanding the latest, and ever-evolving associated technologies, gives one an essential edge.

To be fair, I could take this workshop, but I have a prior commitment that weekend; plus, by not attending, I'll free up one of the eight available seats....

Advanced Cinematography Workshop
― Elements of Lighting in Cinema & TV ―

The New Lightstream Technology
Exclusive Ultra-violet Green-screen
Parallel Beam Technology
Projection Imaging
The Art of Masking
Motivated & Interpretive Lighting
Script Interpretation & Blocking
Table-top Commercial Imaging

In Toronto
August 20, 21, 2022

with Francois Aubry
and Ernie Kestler, CSC

for more info:
francois.dop (at)

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Simon St. Laurent said...

Francois has updated me with the confirmed workshop location....

THE REDWOOD THEATRE: 1300 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1Y7