Sunday, October 23, 2022

Model Kit: Star Trek Motion Picture Klingon Cruiser

On Wednesday I posted a piece about genius Walter Matt Jefferies' brilliant Starship Enterprise design. For Star Trek he also produced another brilliant space vessel, the Klingon Battle Cruiser.

Last week a friend of mine gave me the above AMT-ERTL plastic model kit: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture Klingon Cruiser", the souped-up movie version from 1979. He's been going on a buying spree, of a sort, grabbing old AMT Star Trek kits. He's managed to find the "Romulan Bird of Prey" (designed by the great Wah Chang) and an early "U.S.S. Enterprise" kit. "Early", meaning it is an example produced within the first few years of, essentially, a decades-long manufacturing run by AMT ― and later, AMT-ERTL.

My collecting friend was able to get the 1984 pressing of the "Star Trek: The Motion Picture Klingon Cruiser", not the 1979 version. Sans "Battle", but many thanks!

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