Sunday, February 26, 2023

Books: Sampling of War and Warfare

A gent I follow on Twitter is a historian and PhD candidate. James Jefferies puts up some interesting tweets, one recently was a snapshot of several WW2 aviation books in his library. This eventually inspired me to do the same, even if I was clumsy and included 'contaminating' books from the ground and sea.

Above is just a small sample of my collection. As an RCAF member in the RAF, my dad was aircrew on Lancaster bombers: hence my interest in the Allied bombing campaign.

On one of my trips to England I spoke with author Martin Middlebrook ― I just rang him up ― and he was very pleasant, and helpful in my research. When I eventually got back here to Canada I found a piece of airmail awaiting me from Mr Middlebrook. He supplied me with some additional information based on our conversation. What a nice bloke.


Jon said...

I think almost all researchers respond well to a polite and genuine query, unless you catch them on a bad day. We tend to forget that so many people are not interested in much at all.

Simon St. Laurent said...

Martin Middlebrook originally was a Lincolnshire poultry farmer, so he is pretty down-to-earth.