Sunday, May 21, 2023

Book and Digital: The Jerry Goldsmith Companion

Anyone who knows me is aware that I'm a big fan of the late film composer, Jerry Goldsmith. Since high school I've been into the art and craft of film scoring, but it was Goldsmith who made me realize that genius is not confined to the concert hall... though he did write for that venue, too.

Film/television-score journalist Jeff Bond has completed a monumental two-volume set on the composer. The Jerry Goldsmith Companion - Celebrating a Musical Legend is in Kickstarter mode right now:

The Jerry Goldsmith Companion - Celebrating a Musical Legend The definitive, a two-volume chronicle on the career and music of one of cinema's most respected, accomplished and versatile composers

On order! Special thanks must go to publisher Taylor White of The Monolith Collective.

I also want to thank the old friend of mine who sent me the above link, with an appropriate subject line: "Whoa!"

When I opened the link on Thursday, the amount pledged on Kickstarter at that point was at around $50,000... it's now approaching $105,000, and there are still 25 days to go. (The target: CAD $25,643)

"Each volume offers a full, chronological account and scholarly study of not only his feature films, but radio and television work—most of the early projects are barely remembered today—along with occasional non-film commissions. These books will appeal to a wide readership ranging from intense devotees and passing enthusiasts of Goldsmith's works to seasoned academics and budding music students.

You’ll experience these timeless scores as never before with remembrances from many of Goldsmith’s most renowned collaborators, including directors Franklin J. Schaffner, Ridley Scott, Richard Donner, Joe Dante, Michael Crichton, Paul Verhoeven, Peter Hyams and Phil Alden Robinson.

Each book also showcases new insights from many of Goldsmith’s most valued collaborators, including recording engineer and producer Bruce Botnick, orchestrator Conrad Pope, Goldsmith’s agent Richard Kraft, soundtrack producers Douglass Fake and Robert Townson, and renowned author and historian Jon Burlingame."

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Simon St. Laurent said...

Update: this campaign ended up raising over $170,000.