Sunday, July 9, 2023

CD: Lost in Space 1 (Williams)

Lost in Space
- Original Television Soundtrack -
Volume One

Music by
John Williams


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Simon St. Laurent said...

As I noted in the comment section to my piece from June 29th, CD: Lost in Space 2 (Courage, Mullendore, Williams)....

In early 1996, GNP/Crescendo Records released a six-CD set of music from producer Irwin Allen's 1960s telefantasy shows. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964 - 1968, ABC); Lost in Space (1965 - 1968, CBS); The Time Tunnel (1966 - 1967, ABC); Land of the Giants (1968 - 1970, ABC). In the set were two discs for Space.

At any rate, with the exception of some Voyage, the Irwin Allen shows were pretty terrible: fine, even great, when we were children, but at best we look now at them with a mix of nostalgia and "when I was a kid I thought this show was great".

Lost in Space - Volume One features the work of the one and only, John Williams.

Not long after the already-experienced dramatic television composer had been freed from his contract with Revue Studios, producer Irwin Allen signed him to score Lost in Space.

Williams is represented on this disc by his scores for the episodes "The Reluctant Stowaway" (the series premiere), "Island in the Sky", and "The Hungry Sea". All three are of similar sparkling and brooding colours, with a number of key themes, a musical platform for the Space Family Robinson and their interstellar adventures to come. (I dig those repeating three notes. Classic!)

End title: Johnny Williams' first LIS theme is surely one of the most unique television theme tunes of all time and space.