Saturday, July 1, 2023

Picturing: Two Pairs of Pears

Some weeks ago I grabbed coffee for me and friends. The wonderful baristas gave me a tray to carry three coffees ― which makes for easier transportation, of course.

Instead of throwing the holder out, I brought it home figuring I would find a use for it. Yes, a fruit holder!


Greg Woods said...

Great idea! I keep thinking I wish there was a way I could re-appropriate the coffee trays I get from the Timmy's by the office. I need the tray, otherwise the coffees would roll down the hill, but keep feeling it's such a waste to toss them ten minutes later.

Simon St. Laurent said...

Good stuff. Yeah, I hate waste on single-use items... unless it should be single-use.


DonaldAR said...

Are you subconsciously (metaphorically?) alluding to things in the world going pear-shaped these days?

Simon St. Laurent said...

Hmm... as Davros once said: "Interesting conjecture."