Friday, October 13, 2023

500,000 Hits on this Website

This morning I reviewed my website's traffic: 500,000 'all time' hits. What timing. While I had known my counter was about to roll to a half-million, it was still a surprise. Hitting such a milestone, certainly for a small potato like me, makes my efforts to feed this blog/site all the more rewarding.

No doubt a good chunk of those 'discrete hits' are from bots of some kind, but it would be humans, and, hopefully, and even better, internet-surfing house cats that have enjoyed reading what meanderings I've spun on the spur of the moment, or have pre-filed to the memories bank, in order to serve the great blog machine. (Leaving the site abandoned after a few postings, or just one, was not to be a part of the original plan.) For the most part I've kept that creature's immense appetite satiated over the years. Though I started this site in 2009, all but about 4,000 of that mighty 500,000 have come since April of 2016, for that is when I pulled out the writers' stoking shovel.

How apt a metaphor.

Now, what shall I write about today?....

Thank you, all!