Thursday, October 12, 2023

Picturing: An Aviation Nut Takes a Special Flight

Photo description: Me in the summer of 1995 visiting the Toronto Island Airport (now Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport) and an Air Canada vintage Lockheed L-10A "Electra" (The machine was acquired in 1937 by Trans-Canada Airlines ― now Air Canada.)

The special occasion was a series of charity flights by Air Canada. If I remember correctly, the $100.00 donation, which would buy you a seat, went to children in need. A great cause.

The flight path took us along the Lake Ontario shoreline to Hamilton, then back again. While over Toronto we flew around the downtown core.

I knocked off a few pictures during the flight. They've flown off somewhere, but I shall seek....

The above picture was taken by my Film Opticals of Canada coworker, Ian Elliott.

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