Saturday, June 10, 2017

Star Wars: And Then Disappointment Set In

When George Lucas revamped and re-released his first three Star Wars pictures with new and much improved special visual effects and other stellar enhancements in 1997, I went to Return of the Jedi.

My friend, and former work mate, Susan and I wanted to see The Empire Strikes Back but when I checked the newspaper movie listings I had to call my movie mate to tell her that it was gone. We worked through our disappointment and constructed a B-plan: Go and see Return of the Jedi -- a consolation prize if there ever was one in the Star Wars universe (before the prequels came along).

After the flick's end credits started to roll, Susan turned to me and said, "I had remembered it being better than that".

She was fifteen years of age when Jedi first hit the screens back in May of 1983, so her reaction was telling, but understandable. I told her that I was not fifteen when the pit came out -- I knew it was not "better than that".

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