Sunday, August 27, 2017

A Fight at KFC?

That's what I heard, folks, about a week ago. I was working on my laptop as the television smoked at my feet. "Next week's big KFC fight."

I looked up from my computer and saw two mean-looking dudes just inches apart, sharing eye lines, staring mortars.

Back to my work.

I awoke this morning to the result of the chicken fight. (People were anticipating, wagering, and watching that contest?)

Oh. Pardon me.

I had pictured fractured legs kicking a way to that last drumstick; crushing knuckles over the tiny tub of coleslaw; arms swinging for a wing. Brutes' brutality to a nutritionist's nightmare. In a fast food church.

Thinking back to "Next week's big KFC fight": I do remember getting the impression that those two dudes did not look like the type who would 'dine' at KFC.

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