Sunday, August 20, 2017

No Double Happiness Last Evening

Last night the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ran the latest installment of its series The Filmmakers. Episode 05: "Double Happiness."

Like last week's show, the feature film portion of the program looked as though it was "found" somewhere. The picture quality on Mina Shum's 1994 Double Happiness was abysmal. The best way I could describe it would be: A VHS tape run through an out-of-adjustment TBC (Time Base Corrector).

Actually, a VHS playback can look better than what we saw last night. Did the Ceeb close down its technical department? Or did it do the new trick of hiring people who haven't been trained properly and offering them minimum wage ($11.40)? (There's a shift supervisor who knows his/her stuff who takes the heat if something "buggers" up.)

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Greg Woods said...

I was wondering that myself. I noticed it looked really soft.