Sunday, April 29, 2018

More Resilience

Yesterday I caught a performance of "Resilience". As the show's flyer noted: "A circus show about mental health and the ability to return to your original form after being bent, compressed, and stretched."

On March the 29th I posted a heads-up piece:

A friend of mine is involved in the Toronto-based theatrical troupe, Lookup Theatre. I've been given the brief on what they are all about and the work they do, which has spurred me on to post this piece. Lookup's show for this season is titled "Resilience" -- it's part of the TTYL ("Talk To Youth Lately") circus.

I was very impressed. In no way was I anticipating anything less than competent, but when the 'curtain dropped', my heart was won.

Years ago I lost a friend to suicide. 'Jim' and I hit it off in high school but kept in infrequent touch once we went to separate post-secondary schools. The news of his death was a shock, as is often the case: Four or five days before he took his own life I happened to bump into him when I was visiting Toronto with friends. Jim was smiling and appeared to be happy, but the meeting was odd; almost uncomfortable.

"It's me. Simon."

"I know. Hi."

"See you later...."

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