Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Toronto Maple Leafs a Week from Now?

Yes, the Habs (the Montreal Canadiens ice hockey club) are gone and are probably readying a stream of golf tournaments. As a longtime fan, I understand this incontrovertible fact....dear old friend; Leafs Nation, friend.

Sport casts reality we cannot accept, at times.

Habs fan or not, I can easily imagine sports writers casting hot type a week from now:

"The Leafs have some issues to address before they can promote themselves as serious Stanley Cup contenders"... "It was a fine regular season run but it goes to show you the playoffs are a much tougher league"... "All those young Leafs players have to be convinced it's important to carry their play from the regular season into the playoffs"... "It's been said the playoffs separate the men from the boys; an aphorism which required but a few games to entomb a certain club in ice"... "The facts are incontrovertible: the Toronto Maple Leafs' icebound scramblings were not good enough."

Check back here a week from now....

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