Sunday, January 5, 2020

From the Super Ego - Number Two

I’ve seen a few lists regarding ‘best of’ from last year. This helped me look inward, towards this blog. What are the postings that gave me the most pleasure, whether due to a later re-read, which I almost never do, and feedback, either through comments or hit-counts? (All those hits make writing and posting rewarding.)

From January 4th....

Vader Was a Known Surname Before Darth

Above, the Ballantine's Illustrated History of World War II book, "Spitfire". Authored by John Vader, the book fell into my lap in or around the year 1973. At the time I no doubt thought that "Vader" had an interesting ring to it. (It sounded mean. "Viper." "Adder.")

When Star Wars came along in 1977, a gentleman by the name of Darth Vader hit the marketplace.

Darth piloted a TIE fighter; John flew a "Spit".

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