Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sunday Evening Trivia: The Third Man

This question has stumped even my sports-nut friends. That's how tough it is, even if I never took it as being tough.

For years I've asked this question. Now I don't ask too many people unless they are at the half century mark, at least.

In September of 1972 the Canadians and Soviets battled for international ice hockey supremacy over a period of eight games.

The Canadian team dressed two goalies for each game: Tony Esposito, of the Chicago Blackhawks, and Ken Dryden, of the Montreal Canadiens, were the two big guys.

Another goaltender made the cut, but he was to attend each game in civvies, and needed only if Esposito or Dryden could not dress or were injured and had to leave the game.

His name:


DonaldAR said...

I believe it was Eddie Johnston.

Simon St. Laurent said...

If you got that without having to look it up -- so easy with the Internet -- then you are the first.