Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Brian Lilley Asks the Tough Questions (Really)

Brian Lilley of the Toronto Sun proclaims he is the guy who asks the tough questions.

"Someone has to ask the Trudeau government the tough questions."

That's fine; fair and good. He should.


Would he ask the same of Conservative governments? Did he ask the same when Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada were in the top office?

By the way, Mr Lilley considers himself a (political) "Columnist", not a "Journalist" if they are somehow mutually exclusive.

News Flash, sir: The very act of "asking" is journalism.


DonaldAR said...

The Trudeau government would likely be the only one to actually answer any tough questions. A Scheer government would struggle with leading questions in a multiple choice format. Or perhaps 'take the 5th.' Harper's Tories liked to muzzle or fire anyone who even attempted to answer a question.

Simon St. Laurent said...

And that's the joke, of course. You are right.

We all know that Herr Harper refused to answer more than a few questions in any given scrum before he would walk away from the mic.

The difference between Messrs. Trudeau and Scheer, and Harper, is one of magnificence.