Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Postering Anti-F-35 in Toronto


On my way home from my noon-hour errands on Bloor Street, here in Toronto, I came across some folks who were just about to slap-up a poster of some kind. When I saw what the content was, I pulled out my handy Canon camera and went to work... after asking, of course, if the rebel crew didn't mind my taking some journalistic photos. They readily obliged. After I told them I think it's a big mistake for Canada to take the Lockheed Martin F-35 "Flying Brick" (my pet name for the Incredible Flying Folly Fighter Machine) the poster people gave me some lines about certain government "lobbying". Yes, I know all too well.

Enjoy the ridiculously expensive Eff Thirty-Five! ("Seats one, employs thousands." That's too funny.)

On a more pleasant note: I meant to put this picture up while it was hot off the circuitry, but I wanted to finish my sushi first. It was really good, by the way.


Postscript: the website for this group is

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