Monday, October 10, 2022

DVD Liner Notes Reviewed (Stuff This Turkey, Me)

"Extras: The best extra for me was the enclosed booklet that provided some production information about the show itself, the situation that led to the show ever airing, and some of the issues that resulted in it falling into oblivion."

A friend sent me the above review when he learned that I wrote the liner notes for VCI Entertainment's DVD boxed set, "The Starlost: Complete Series".

The above snip was taken from the review, here, which is from the fine home-video review website, "DVD Talk".

It's a pretty fair review, although it, as always, is a matter of personal taste; and, if one remembers watching the NBC/CTV series when it aired, "memories".

A look-back at my experience writing the DVD set's liner notes: The Starlost DVD Set Liner Notes

As I note in my 'liner notes' piece, I interviewed a fair number of people who had been involved in making Canadian Television. In this show's case, they were: writer/creator Harlan Ellison; producer William Davidson; story editor Norman Klenman; writer Doug Hall; writer Martin Lager; actress Gay Rowan; actor John Colicos; designer Jack McAdam; and a few others ― a cast and crew all helpful and much appreciated.

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