Sunday, October 30, 2022

Disney Who ― Question Mark Not Included

This week came the news that Disney has acquired the rights to do a Doctor Who show ― actually a coproduction with the BBC. Some fans are going crazy with the elation that the franchise will now benefit from big U.S. television budgets. While the BBC version has always been low budget, even in television terms, and the latest "Who" has lessened this term with much help from wonderful imaging technologies, more money will not make the franchise better. Any such improvement happens at the computer keyboard, and from what a major Whovian friend of mine has told me over the last few years, the series has suffered from "poor writing"... and low ratings.

My take is "Who" has gone on for way too long. It's time to give it a rest. Good night, nurse!

Do something else.

Some Whovians might not appreciate my negativity, negativity which was refreshed when I watched a NewWho episode a couple of years ago, I've not always been that way. In July of 2017 I wrote this....

"I found out this past week that the next 'Doctor' will be played by a woman. It's about bleedin' time! While I did clock some episodes in the new Doctor Who's first season (2005) I do not watch the show, but I know when it's time for a long-running television series to change with the times ― even when it's behind the times."

The news, as relayed by The Guardian....

The good news in all this is a person of colour, Ncuti Gatwa, will be the incoming "Doctor".

It's about time!

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