Thursday, March 9, 2023

Film Design: A Designer Checks His Set Plans

Me, a very young me, in October of 1985 working on a set build in the Graveyard Shift workshop. It's really a matter of holding the architectural ruler against the blueprint to make sure the calculations are right.

That gig was a lot of fun. And I learned a lot. It's true: You make it work. There's never enough time and money, but somehow it all comes together.

Terrific shop crew: Dave Fiacconi, Chris Leger, and Mark Lang.

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Simon St. Laurent said...

Postscript: I was hired on this production while starting my second year of film school, but I had already attended art school... hence my involvement here. Young people often ask for career advice, as in: "How do I break in?" It's best to have a skill outside and independent of film production. A film degree/diploma doesn't mean anything to a producer when he/she is looking to crew-up. However, there is always the "P.A" (production assistant) route.

Even better, if you want to be a director: Make your own films. (Wonderful technology making things cheaper! "Film stock? What's film stock? A lab? What, a meth lab?")