Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Book: Destination: Moonbase Alpha (Wood)

Destination: Moonbase Alpha
- The Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide to Space: 1999 -

Robert E. Wood

Telos Publishing Limited


Simon St. Laurent said...

This book is a mixed bag. First thing that struck me while reading Destination: Moonbase Alpha, and I can say this due to research I've done on an old television program, was the apparent lack of original research. Writer Wood didn't interview enough of those all-important behind-the-scenes people, folk important to production of a science fiction television series, with all its parts and pieces. There are no numbers, numbers drawn when one gets access to production paperwork. These deficits make for too much conjecture on the writer's part.

The plus: Robert E. Wood is fair and balanced in his episode reviews. Yes, "Journey to Where" is an outstanding episode ― for Space: 1999, at least.

I was surprised he didn't rate "Dragon's Domain" higher given that ep's status among fans.

"'The Rules of Luton', four point five? Rubbish!"

I do recommend Destination: Moonbase Alpha to fans.

Greg Woods said...

Hey, Daddy-O! Your comment should actually go in the original post - more likelihood of people seeing it.

"The Rules of Luton"... is that the one where they're besieged by talking leaves or some thing? Good lord! Although it was funny seeing Maya burst of the bird cage (if I'm thinking of the right episode.) Thanks for mentioning the book... this 1999 freak will seek it out!

Respectfully yours,
The G Man

Simon St. Laurent said...

Thanks for the advice, but I want to keep the post itself clean. Also, it's gotten a lot of hits already, and comments come up through discreet hits.

In the past I've taken my comments and given them their own post, with additional commentary, of course.

The three trees... "The Rules of Luton", that's the one. By the way, I mentioned that episode of Space: 1999 in my post: Special Guest Director

Greg Woods said...

LOL! I remember the "Val Guest talk", but not about *that* episode.

Simon St. Laurent said...

I can still picture you reacting. Hey, it's no "Ring Around the Moon".

Greg Woods said...

I don't remember that episode! Will check it out (excuse to break out the box set)

Simon St. Laurent said...

In 2019 I grabbed the then newly-released Blu-ray set of Space: 1999 ― as did my boss at the time. He's from Quebec, and to him it's Cosmos: 1999.

From last year: Blu-ray: Space: 1999 - The Complete Series

I watched a couple of episodes soon after buying the set, and sat 'enraptured'.

"Ring Around the Moon" is a bizarre, but somehow fascinating and strangely compelling, episode from that series' first year.