Sunday, March 26, 2023

Leonard Nimoy Would Have Been 92 Today

Actor Leonard Nimoy, best known for playing "Mister Spock" in Star Trek (1966 - 1969), would have been ninety-two today. His involvement in that classic dramatic television series started from day one... a day in November of 1964, when principal photography started on "The Cage", Star Trek's first pilot show.

The above picture is from "Miri", an episode from season one.

Below, is a frame from Mr Spock's first onscreen appearance, though this wasn't the first time viewers would have seen him, since "The Cage" didn't air (until 1988). We see him here with Captain Pike himself, as played by Jeffrey Hunter.

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Simon St. Laurent said...

That "day one" I mentioned would have been Friday, November 27th, 1964.

The bottom pic is from shooting done on "day four"... Wednesday, December 2nd; or "day five", the following day.

(The company shot for 16 days.)

Research, man. Thank you, Marc Cushman.