Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sunday Fun: Whatcha Talkin' 'bout, Human?

Periodically I'll check my Instagram account to check out the latest... cat videos. That is the default. Instagram must know something about me.

Someone posted a video clip about "cat facts", things we probably didn't know about cat behaviour. (We will never know; we'll understand, but never know.)

* Cats developed meows in order to communicate with us humans.

Cats noticed we never stop talking.

Practical creatures, they are.


Simon St. Laurent said...

... also known at chat chat. French-speakers will get the joke.

DonaldAR said...

Chat chat. LoL.
I have developed a slightly alternative theory: "Cats developed meows in order to [annoy the f*#k out of] us humans."
Our two regularly enjoy communicating, vigorously, whenever they presume there is a chance of food coming their way. Gavrielle enjoys (again, loudly) performing passages from famous operas, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT (Der Ring des Nibelungen is a favourite, if I'm not mistaken). They also like to vocalize extensively before using the litter box. We're not sure if this is a criticism of the state of said sanitary area, or, perhaps the feline equivalent of 'singing in the shower?' Marella has a habit of picking out one of our many cat toys, dropping it near us, and *hollering* until we come and throw it. Occasionally, she actually fetches it, and we play. This behaviour also often occurs in the middle of the night: when we (were) sleeping.

Simon St. Laurent said...

I'll accept that theory. lol

Did you know that "chat" is the masculine form, while "chatte" is the feminine?

"Monsieur! Me chatte, Josée, would lack a cafè latte!"

"Right away, garçon!"