Saturday, February 20, 2016

Directing in the Alien Lair of Hyper-Reality

In anticipation of the completion of my 35mm short film Hyper-Reality, here is another behind-the-scenes photograph. It features a (slightly) younger me directing a scene in the film's "Alien Lair" set.

Tending to the Arriflex BL III camera are Dennis Pike and Gary Blakeley; in the background grip/gaffer Jeff Stern adjusts a light; the ectomorphic thing on the right is asking "craft services" if the coffee is still hot. ("What? You're out of doughnuts already? Oh. Yeah, it was me.")

I had a super crew for that two-day shoot at "23FPS" studios here in Toronto.

(Photo: Jill Cooper)


Tibor said...

Somebody's gettin' excited!!!!

Simon St. Laurent said...

You are right. The only thing more exciting for me, right now, is knowing the Montreal Canadiens have a team that can capture the Stanley Cup this year.