Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Aliens of Hyper-Reality

While I was organizing some files on my computer, recently, I came across some folders for my uncompleted -- don't ask -- magnum opus 35mm short film, Hyper-Reality.

Attached below are two photographs that were taken on the set at the former "23 FPS" studios here in Toronto. Soon I will follow up with more material from the project which often elicited the question, "Simon, how is Hyper-Reality coming along?"

I had a lot of fun designing the costumes and the sets. Maybe I should try "crowdfunding" to complete the film; not that a truck load of money would be needed....

Yours truly sets up a shot for Hyper-Reality. The film's co-producer and co-writer, Tim A. Cook, and I decided to cast women as bulbous-headed aliens -- we took our cue from "The Cage", the first pilot from Star Trek. (Photo: Jill Cooper)

Two trouble-making aliens have a laugh before they snap into character for the camera. (Photo: S. St. Laurent)


Jon said...

Nice makeup! It also reminds me of SCTV's "UFO Sharkey", where Joe Flaherty's chucklehead farmer describes alien invaders with "hyuge, bulbous hyeads!"

Simon St. Laurent said...

My first inclination was to rent the alien costumes; I went down to 'Malabar' costume rentals, here in Toronto, and sure enough they had two. They appeared to be the robes that Joe Flaherty and Dave Thomas wore when they played aliens in "Galaxy 66", the SCTV spoof of the old television series, Route 66. I decided on the spot -- standing before the costumes -- that I would design the robes myself, and hire a seamstress to make them.

To pick the material for the robes, I visited 'Designer Fabrics' and found a bolt of material that I liked; something that would look good under the lights.

I'll explain more of the process in a future blog posting.