Monday, April 25, 2016

A Memory from the RAF Museum London, England

My posting from Friday on the Bomber Museum of Canada's restored Lancaster bomber reminded me of an experience I had years ago while visiting the Royal Air Force Museum London.

The Bomber Command Association was selling raffle tickets and I figured I would chat up the two veterans sitting at the table, and buy a couple of tickets while I was at it.

During our conversation I mentioned to one of the gents that I live in Toronto and since Hamilton is not far away I've seen the Lanc close up and in person.

His response was a mild shake of the head. He could see that I looked a little confused, so he added an explanation: "They fly that too often."

Fantastic museum, by the way, if you want to see many great military aeroplanes from the past, close up and in person. "There's a (Heinkel) one-eleven! .... a Junkers (88) ! ... a (Hawker) Typhoon! ... a Spitfire! ... a (English Electric) Lightning! I can't take this! This can't be happening. Hello...."

If you're into historical aviation you will in all probability have a reaction much like mine. You may fare worse, however; it was my Vulcan-like discipline which allowed me to survive. "I am in control of my emotions."

(I didn't win the draw, but the point was the money went to a good cause -- I think so.)


Jon said...

"They fly that too often" -- not at all, it was only flown by a little old lady every Sunday! At least that's what the salesman will say...

Tibor said...

I've seen it do some pretty tight turns at an altitude of maybe 250 feet. Found myself worrying over the main spar!

Simon St. Laurent said...

As long as they don't perform corkscrew maneuvers.