Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Toronto Writers' Centre Walk About

Earlier today, on this lovely sunny day here in Toronto, I took a mid-sized stroll eastbound along Bloor Street near Bathurst. As I approached the KFC that I last ate at in the summer of 1993 -- and somehow survived -- I happened to look over at the south side of Bloor:

"What's the Toronto Writers' Centre?", I thought. (To suggest I have a habit of talking to myself on a busy sidewalk is absurd.) "I could cross the street at the next light and have a look-see", I cogitated.

There was an intercom outside the door; two ladies came down to greet me. After filling me in on what the centre is all about, my hosts gave me a tour of the facility. And what a facility it is. I was impressed.

While I maintain a comfortable writing space, which could include a space picked at random in just about any coffee shop, Toronto Writers' Centre is a place for a slice of my writing future, I think.

Toronto Writers' Centre website


Tibor said...

Do they have meet ups to get constructive criticism? Looks like a good resource...

Simon St. Laurent said...

I'm not sure. That photo shows just the main front area space. There is a meeting room, and a "quiet" room in the back.

Overall I was impressed with the setup.