Saturday, August 24, 2019

Scheer Magic!

Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer is hoping to displace Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in October’s federal election. His angle: tweet after tweet about Liberal Justin Trudeau.

Outside of his obvious obsession with the PM, Mr Scheer feels that details of policy don’t count for much. Mr Trudeau’s miring in the SNC-Lavalin scandal, a scandal which doesn’t seem to want to stick, I should add, is not enough to convince his followers that it’s time for him to “go Harper, 2016-style”. CPC Scheer is preaching to his own faithful, who look at the issue in matching monochromatic tones -- issues of employment, international trade, health care, and more, don’t register as being important enough to charm one's vote. Admiral Scheer does understand something, however, and it seems to inform his obsession with the PM. Trudeau exudes charisma. Scheer has none.

Much in the same way a Hollywood casting director might admit about a actor's miscasting in a film, one could describe the CPC’s pick for leader: “He’s all wrong.”


Jon said...

What the HarperRobot 2.0 does seem to grasp is that a good way to get high voter turnout in your base is to enrage them. Even a few percent more votes can matter.

Simon St. Laurent said...

You are right. And the 'enraged' don't investigate; they accept everything their Great One says as truth...."Facts!", as the enraged would put it.

Adele Menegon said...

In the news recently - all parties are going all out with door - to - door campaigns and out of 200 done by Liberals - only 2 mentioned Lavalin despite Scheer's desperate screeching.
Unfortunately for him it didn't drop Trudeau's numbers by enough to satisfy him.
He should come out of the cave he inhabits with Ford and Trump and look for ways to save planet Earth rather than stirring up a potful of hate and anger.

Simon St. Laurent said...

Could not agree more.

Stirring up a potful of hate and anger is easy when you repeatedly cast suspicion over a group. Hey, just like what Herr Goebbels did.